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Gap Year

Why Take a gap year?

It is so important to bring God to the center of your life while making big decisions. Taking an intentional year off from school can actually launch you into making the most of your college experience, or whatever God calls you to do! 

The popularity of taking a gap year continues to gain momentum. Students come back more focused on a course of study and major, have better study habits, and make more informed decisions on a career choice. 

“I am convinced that one’s college education is greatly enhanced by the maturity, experience, and perspective a student can bring post gap year.”
— Fred A. Hargadon, former Dean of Admissions at Princeton University.

Through an integration of biblical study, leadership, discipleship training, and spiritual development, IMA students will deepen their faith and learn what it means to passionately follow Christ. Not all of our graduates will leave IMA knowing what to do with the rest of their lives, but our goal is that all of our graduates will leave knowing HOW to live the rest of their lives. Being prepared for that goal means cultivating a Christ-Centered faith, living in a nurturing community, and forging responsible character. Successful completion of this life-changing program will help set the stage for a successful launch into the next chapter of life. 

Gap Years are fantastic ways to use your talents, develop new skills and explore the world around you. No matter how long you have available, whether it's two weeks or even a year, taking a career break can be the best decision you will ever make! 

“Stepping off the educational treadmill for six months or a year between high school and college can be an important way to remind themselves of what their education should really be about. It can also lead to a much more productive experience once they are enrolled in college, since those students will frequently be more mature, more focused, and more aware of what they want to do with their college education.”
— Bob Clagett - Former Dean of Admissions at Middlebury College. He also served as Director of College Counseling at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, TX, and as the Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard University for 21 years.

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